Aguas Frescas Energy Drink

Art Direction

This product and lifestyle shoot features a sunny block part in East LA where friends are coming together to enjoy ice cold Aguas Frescas and their favorite snacks. They’re vibing to the music, going crazy on the grill, and playing Loteria with chamoy-dipped Aguas Frescas in hand!

A vibrant library of product and lifestyle photos that authentically and stylishly capture Rockstar Aguas Frescas in a Hispanic block party setting.
When planning this shoot, I found it critical to contextualize the product next to food and in a setting where it would authentically be enjoyed. My team is proud to have used Hispanic models, and a partially Hispanic crew to bring this subline to life. The brand used these photos to drive brand salience by making consumers think of Aguas Frescas when they’re at the next Carne Asada or when reaching for their favorite spicy snacks. With the help of our friends at Hot Cheetos, we were able to create delicious food pairings (a first for the Rockstar brand).
I developed the creative approach for setting up each subline, conceptualized the design themes, created the mood boards, and art directed. The finished assets were leveraged for social, eCommerce, and POS.
Brand Team→ Eva Rodriguez, Anthony Vitali, Yumna Bight, Gabe Alonso
Agency → The Motive Group
Product Photography → The Vorhees‍
Lifestyle Photography → Yuri Hasegawa
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