Black Women OWN The Conversation


An Emmy award-winning television show on the Oprah Winfrey Network that brought together 100 black women, celebrity guests, and field experts for a powerful 5-part town hall series.

The goal of this show was to give black women a platform to talk about issues important to their community. This marginalized group is rarely given the opportunity to be heard, especially without filters or manipulative agendas.
In each episode, 100 women shared intimate dialogues about being a Black woman in today’s world. The show originally aired in August 2019, was picked up for a second season and inspired a spin-off called The Oprah Conversation.
I had the pleasure of leading creative brand development of seasons one and two while overseeing a design team that worked on the logo, on-screen graphics, style guide, marketing, and set design. I also contributed to the show conceptualization, casting and digital marketing strategy.
Creative Direction → Eva Rodriguez
Agency → Cowboy Bear Ninja
Design → Zoë Lotus, Eva Rodriguez, Alex Furuya
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