OZY Facts Insta Strategy

Content Strategy

A creative and satirical content strategy for a news-based Instagram account.

In October 2018, I was tasked to create a refreshed creative strategy to grow OZY’s Instagram account. My idea was to repurpose ridiculous, pretentious photos of well-known celebrities and pair them with super-smart OZY facts from articles.
The goal of juxtaposing these two contrasting elements was to satirize the superficiality of Instagram and to make a statement about how society chooses to consume information.
In two months, our follower count grew 800% and at the end of the project, we had 60K+ followers. Our growth strategy was included in a case study by Instagram. (This campaign is not represented on the live page)
Creative Direction → Eva Rodriguez
Marketing Direction → James Watkins
Design → Eva Rodriguez, Alex Furuya, Brian Hang
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