OZY Fest 2019


A festival of music, comedy, food and ideas that takes place in the New York City summer. This unique event brings 100,000 people together with varying interests, diverse backgrounds, across racial, socioeconomic, and age divides. I was honored to lead the rebranding effort for the fourth-annual festival.

The new OZY Fest brand is symmetrical, avante-garde and off-kilter.
The difficulty of marketing an ambitious event like this is that new audiences don’t understand it. In order to help users understand the eclecticism of our lineup, I combined eccentric and seemingly-antonymous elements to create one beautiful collage. The careful selection of imagery was inspired by summertime in New York, OZY Media’s mission to help people live curiously, and the broad-based lineup.
As the creative director of this festival, I oversaw creative executions across design, video, product, environmental design, and marketing. While OZY Fest was canceled due to the weather, the event received 2B impressions in earned and paid media and completely sold out. This was a tremendous feat considering that ticket sales grew ten times in size from the previous year.
Creative Direction → Eva Rodriguez
Design → Eva Rodriguez
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