Strawberry Peach Photoshoot

Art Direction

A library of premium product stills and GIF's featuring a new Rockstar Energy flavor, Strawberry Peach. We captured two different product lines and distinguished their distinct key benefits with thoughtful design decisions highlighting flavor as the unifying factor.

The two subline worlds were similarly constructed with a tabletop, walls, unique structures, and risers. We used bespoke textures and materials complimentary to each subline's benefits to create distinction. The Punched world is more colorful and has more fruit textures and the Pure Zero world is more sleek and glossy. I developed the creative approach, design themes, mood boards, and art direction. The finished assets were leveraged on Rockstar's social channels.
Brand Team → Eva Rodriguez, Sarah Culclasure, Adam Wells
Agency → The Motive Group
Photographers → The Vorhees
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